Food Philosophy

In a world where meals have become increasingly rushed and ready-made, Galilee considers meals an opportunity to be intentional about our health, wellness, and our impact on the environment. Home-cooked meals made with care and quality ingredients taste better, are more nutritious and are more fulfilling to prepare. We aim to create exciting meals that nourish our guests, encourage them to expand their palates, and promote an enjoyable dining experience through sharing it with others.

Using Organic Products

It is important to us to be mindful of our impact on the environment. In an effort to play our part in protecting the planet, and provide food that is healthy and rich in nutrients, we avoid products that have involved the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics.

Eating Family Style

Meal times are an opportunity to come together and share good food and conversation in a community setting. We hope to inspire our guests to slow down and enjoy their meals in the company of others.

Buying Local

With modern conveniences it is easy to avoid thinking about where the food we eat actually comes from, and the time and effort that goes into growing vegetables or raising livestock. We aspire to help ourselves and other make the connection with the origins of our food by purchasing local meat and produce whenever possible.

Reducing Waste

Landfills are not an ideal solution for long-term waste management. We try to limit what we are contributing to landfills by buying items in bulk to limit the amount of packaging involved; we compost food scraps made in the kitchen with Full Circle Compost in Minden, NV; we recycle all bottles, cans, cardboard, glass, and paper; when saving food in the kitchen we utilize reusable containers; we are conscious about the amount of food being prepared and use appropriate scraps to make stock for soups and sauces.

Using Whole Ingredients

Much of the nutrition found in food can be lost through excessive processing. We make as much as possible from scratch using whole foods. In this way we can have homemade meals that are more nutritious and taste better too! We routinely make our own bread, granola, salad dressings, sauces, desserts and more.

Sustainable Coffee

We serve coffee from the Alpen Sierra Coffee Roasting Company. They are a local company with a roasting facility in Carson Valley. Alpen is certified organic and bring beans from all over the world to be roasted locally. Alpen also makes a special effort to visit these farms to assess their environmental and social impact. The coffee we are serving is their Certified Organic Vienna Roast. Enjoy!

Alpen Sierra’s Conscious CupTM

Alpen Sierra’s Conscious CupTM embodies the essence and embraces the future of a sustainable coffee industry. In the pursuit of our goal to procure, roast and provide the very best quality specialty coffees for our customers, we feel it is our primary responsibility to insure that the path of coffee, from seed to cup, be carefully followed.

It is through diligent business practices that we can insure the balance of a healthy and thriving ecology with fair and prosperous economic and social environments in producing countries. In doing so, Alpen Sierra sources and offers Certified Organic, Fair Trade and Shade-Grown, Bird-Friendly coffees.
Alpen Sierra’s Conscious CupTM means sustainable quality. Quality of life for the farming families; quality of environment for healthy ecosystems; quality of coffee for our customers and generations to come.

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