Environmental Stewardship

At Galilee we work hard to be as intentional as possible in minimizing our environmental impact. We also strive to operate as a learning laboratory, where all who come here will be inspired to live as conscientious stewards of creation and gain new tools and information for bringing this way of life back home. Some of our practices include:

Fostering closer relationships with nature: we strongly believe that the more people connect with the natural world, the more they will be committed to caring well for it. By helping people dive into the stunning beauty of Lake Tahoe and our surrounding wilderness, we trust that everyone will come away with a renewed sense of awe and responsibility for this incredible gift.

Composting all organics: we collect all food waste and other organic matter, like paper napkins and tea bags. This waste is then composted off-site and turned into useful fertilizer.

Minimizing waste: we work to minimize packaging and other waste at camp, for example by encouraging people to use reusable water bottles. We recycle everything that is accepted locally.

Prioritizing green building practices: as we move forward with new building and renovation projects around camp, we work hard to prioritize sustainable building practices as much as possible. An excellent example of this commitment is the new insulation in Hunting Lodge, made from recycled blue jeans. We have also begun incorporating more natural building practices, seen most impressively in our brand new earthen pizza oven!

 Practicing Leave No Trace: we educate all our staff and campers in the philosophy of “Leave No Trace” outdoor adventuring. In living out these principles, we strive to both minimize our impact and also leave the wilderness around us more pristine than we found it. Click here for more information about Leave No Trace practices.