Our Services for Retreat Groups

For no additional cost, Galilee will provide retreat groups here for 2 nights or more with 1 ½ hours of staff time during your stay, and more staff time is available for an additional cost.

Outdoor services include:
–       Lifeguarding
–       Guided hiking trips, including lessons on our local ecosystem
–       Lifeguarding for kayak trips
–       Campfire songs and games
–       Teambuilding games and challenges
–       Classes on environmental stewardship
–       Baking pizza in our outdoor earthen oven

Spiritual services include:
–       Worship design assistance for your group
–       Guided meditations
–       Liturgical leadership, including the sacraments
–       Guided reflections for groups or individuals on spiritual issues
–       Spiritual art projects

Other services include:
–       Team-building activities
–       Cooking classes
–       Facilitated art projects, like tie-dye, collages, painting, paper-making, and much more
–       Opportunities for service projects

Our staff can also offer:
–      Extended activities from the lists above for an additional $25 per hour
–       Extended kayak trips for $12 per person, with a minimum of 10 people
–       3 hours of rock climbing for $50 per person, with a  minimum of 10 people


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