Retreat Staff

Galilee Camp and Retreat Center

Retreat Staff Job Description

1) Reports to the Galilee Executive Director.

2) Duties: Staff assist with all aspects of the daily operations including hosting groups, cleaning buildings, taking care of the grounds, and dishwashing, as well as maintenance projects.

Assist with cleaning buildings and maintaining the grounds in an attractive and safe manner.
Assist with maintenance projects around the camp under guidance and direction of the Galilee Executive Director or other supervisor.
Assist with capital improvement projects when necessary.

Food Service
Assist with meals including dishwashing under the direction of the Food Service Director or Assistant Cook.
Assist with the dining hall procedures before and after the meals when necessary, especially when covering for the Group Coordinator.

Fill in for or assist other employees as necessary

Essential Functions
Must be physically fit and able to carry loads of up to 50lbs
Must be able to walk 5 miles over rough terrain
Must be able to climb stairs
Must have at least average eyesight and hearing

$11.00-$15.00 per hour
Free delicious homemade meals on days when retreat groups are being served

Please contact Stuart Campbell at for more information!