In the last ten years, volunteers donated countless hours to support Galilee!

What gifts of time and talent can you share with Galilee? We wouldn’t be here without you! Galilee exists and thrives because so many people volunteer to keep it alive. Each year dozens of people enjoy time at the lake while fixing up buildings, taking care of the land, and tackling exciting new projects together. In addition, some of our most important volunteers are our summer nurses: a nurse volunteers to keep us safe and healthy during each week of summer camp, and we couldn’t run camp without them! If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering as a summer nurse, please email Stuart Campbell at [email protected].

Our current needs for volunteer work include:
– Posting fliers about upcoming events and helping to spread the word about camp
– Hosting fundraisers for the Campership Fund
– Expertise and labor in designing and planting a vegetable garden
– Moving rocks to fix trails… there are always more rocks to move at Galilee!
– Planting young sugar pines and other landscaping projects
– Various painting projects
– Folding, stuffing and stamping newsletters several times a year
– Chopping kindling and firewood for campfires
– Minor repair and construction projects for people with building experience
– Electrical repairs

If you could help us with one of these projects, or if you have another skill to offer, please email our Executive Director Stuart Campbell at [email protected]. Thank you!!

For paid opportunities to lend a hand at Galilee, please visit our Employment page.

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