Other Ways to Give

Matching Gifts: Many employers will match your gift to Galilee. Please ask your employer or, if you are retired, your former employer, about matching gifts. Check with your employer’s human resources office to obtain a matching gift form.

Gifts of appreciated securities are perhaps the most advantageous means of supporting Galilee. The donor may deduct the full market value of the securities on the date of transfer – up to 50% of adjusted gross income, but with a carry-over provision for five years, should the transfer value exceed the 50% figure. For example, assume that many years ago you purchased securities for $2,000 that are now worth $20,000. For an actual cost of only $2,000, you can contribute $20,000 to the campaign. And the tax savings for the year very likely will exceed the $2,000 cost basis.

Gifts of real estate property provide wonderful opportunities for some donors. However, it is essential that the donor give permission for Galilee to sell the property. When the sale has been completed, the proceeds will be credited in the donor’s name as a gift to Galilee.

Gifts of insurance policies can, on occasion, prove beneficial for both the donor and Galilee. Assume that many years ago you purchased a $100,000 whole-life policy and named a child as beneficiary. If that child is now self-sufficient, you might consider assigning the policy to Galilee. Galilee would receive the cash surrender value of the policy.