Gifts of Gratitude

Give a truly meaningful gift: Donate to Camp Galilee on behalf of a loved one with a Gift of Gratitude.

Whether for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions, we encourage you to choose gratitude over “stuff.” When you give a Gift of Gratitude to Camp Galilee, your loved one receives a gift of intention, kindness and integrity (without accumulating more clutter!), while you receive a tax write-off.

Choose one of these areas to donate to:

Program Development
Food Philosophy

Begin by choosing an area to donate to and contributing your desired amount in the name of someone on your gift list through our online donation system. Once your donation is complete, email [email protected] with the donation area of your choice and the person you are honoring, and you will receive a card to print and give to your loved one.

Please note that gifts made through Gifts of Gratitude are donations made to Camp Galilee. The values and activities offered through Gifts of Gratitude are representative of our mission and many programs. Each gift is unrestricted. We use your gift where it can do the most good, by pooling it with the gifts of others to meet our most substantial or pressing needs.

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